RODO ERC20 contract address: 0x783C68814126b66B9242C4c6538Ae47dB5e33169


RODO Polygon contract address: 0xe1398B5d2f3CEF77a13a7CcBae33F2121c217301

RODO Optimism contract address: 0x82f0B8B456c1A451378467398982d4834b6829c1

RODO Arbitrum contract address: 0x74b4db963738A2A95bFCb1833B123495Ccc220e2

RODO Celo contract address: 0xe5CF1558A1470cb5C166c2e8651eD0F3c5fb8F42

RODO ERC20<>Polygon<>Optimism <> Arbitrum <> Celo bridge: Multichain – Cross Chain Router Protocol


RODO SOL contract address: HPTPqzmKaGtA7bJxT9pUYTakm6RvLrYec7UqDVWd4gab

RODO ERC20<>Solana bridge: Wormhole

RODO Trading

You can trade the token in our official pool in Uniswap:

Trade RODO/ETH in Uniswap

You can trade the token in our official pool in Uniswap:

Trade RODO/USDC in Uniswap

You can trade the token in our official pool in Uniswap:

Trade RODO/LINK in Uniswap

You can trade the token in our official pool in Uniswap:

Trade RODO/MATIC in Uniswap

You can trade the token in our official pool in Uniswap:

Trade RODO/UNI in Uniswap

You can trade the token in our official pool in Uniswap:

Trade RODO/HEX in Uniswap

Real time RODO vs top 10 cryptocurrencies price charts:

Token Specifications:

Complete Name: RODO Token
Token Symbol: RODO
Initial Supply: 50 000
Total Supply: Infinite (backed by permanently locked assets in DEX liquidity pools)
Blockchain: Ethereum network
Inflation: Minting (only for OTC deals)
Deflation: Burning (only for OTC deals)
Utility: Utility, Governance
Standard: ERC20

Project Information:

RODO token is product developed by traders for traders. A place in the crypto world they can use their personal skills, clear and advance data feed, and take advantage with fully independent crypto token, without need of additional leverage. Trading RODO token, the intraday traders can find combination of good liquidity, stable and safety tokenomics, smooth trends and technical analysis driven market with volatility eliminating the need of leverage.

In other hand, RODO token is designed to be perfect place for investors, who are tired to dreaming about the moon, rockets, cosmonauts and other fairy tales. Staking in RODO token gives the investors real profits for real completed work. They earn huge percent form the whole market making business inside the token price auction, thanks to the transcendent RODO Artificial Intelligence System (AIS)

No promises, no dreams, no lies. RODO token gives just the reality. When the traders are losing, the investors are making money. That’s all. Simple and pure. And all of that is collateralized with practically immortal token economics, which can hold out without problem 100% of the token holders, if they want to sell their tokens at the same time.

Business model:

Our business model is simple, as the token itself. We need perfect tokenomics and crowded token, because our company is working only with taxes. The bigger the RODO network gets, the more profitable our physical business becomes.

Trading – 0% commissions

Trading app – 0% commissions

OTC deals – 5% fixed commission

Minting – 0% commissions

Burning – 0% commissions

DEX liquidity providing – 0% commissions

Liquidity providing for the RODO AIS – 25% from the realized profit


In total, 50 000 RODO tokens will be issued, with the possibility of more being created later, when there is incoming OTC interest. Full tokenomics explanation in the whitepaper.  

Of the 50 000 RODO tokens created, 50% of them will go on the market in one private sale, with a preferential price without periods of lockup and vesting.

Private Pre-Sale

The first and only phase of sale is Private Sale.

Of the total amount of 50 000 RODO tokens, 24% or 12 000RODO will be sold privately at a preferred price per token of 0.005 ETH only to strategic users.

The first phase target is minimum 30 ETH soft cap. If the Private Pre-Sale phase, don’t reach its minimum of 30 ETH, the blockchain will return all of the client funds in their initial wallet addresses.

The maximum investment from one wallet is 5 ETH

In the first phase, the maximum of the hard cap is 60 ETH.


Once the private pre-sale phase has ended, the tokens will be released into the users’ wallet.

Token sale start time: 2022-09-24 21:00

Token sale end time: 2022-09-27 21:00

Token sale lock time: 2022-09-27 21:00

Investor whitelist: Every address can invest


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