Full Job Description

The machine learning engineer designs, develops and deploys machine learning solutions to meet enterprise goals and support experimentation and innovation. The engineer collaborates with developers and data scientists to identify innovative machine learning solutions that leverage data to meet business goals. The machine learning engineer ensures infrastructure and data pipelines are structured to deploy machine learning solutions.



  • Understands and translates business and functional needs into machine learning problem statements
  • Translates complex machine learning problem statements into specific deliverables and requirements
  • Designs and develops scalable solutions that leverage machine learning and deep learning models to meet enterprise requirements
  • Works closely with data scientists and data engineers to develop machine learning algorithms
  • Works closely with UX designers and product teams to improve the product user experience
  • Translates machine learning algorithms into production-level code
  • Collaborates with development teams to test and deploy machine learning models
  • Creates metrics to continuously evaluate the performance of machine learning solutions
  • Maintains and improves the performance of existing machine learning solutions
  • Ensures adherence to performance standards and compliance to data security requirements
  • Keeps abreast with new tools, algorithms and techniques in machine learning and works to implement them in the organization


  • Proficiency in machine learning algorithms such as multi-class classifications, decision trees, support vector machines and deep learning
  • Strong understanding of probability and statistical models (generative and descriptive models)
  • Advanced programming skills with C/C++, Python, Java or R
  • Ability to run experiments scientifically and analyze results
  • Ability to effectively communicate technical concepts and results to technical and business audiences in a comprehensive manner
  • Ability to collaborate effectively across multiple teams and stakeholders, including analytics teams, development teams, product management and operations


  • More than two years of experience in developing and deploying enterprise-scale machine learning solutions
  • Preferred experience in a quantitative analysis role


  • Bachelor’s degree in data science, applied mathematics, computer science or otherwise research-based field; Master’s degree preferred
  • Rodopa Capital is an equal opportunity employer. We evaluate qualified applicants without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability, veteran status, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, or other protected characteristics.



Job Requirements:

  • Conceptual understanding in Machine Learning models like Nai¨ve Bayes, K-Means, SVM, Apriori, Linear/ Logistic Regression, Neural, Random Forests, Decision Trees, K-NN along with hands-on experience in at least 2 of them
  • Intermediate to expert level coding skills in Python/R. (Ability to write functions, clean and efficient data manipulation are mandatory for this role)
  • Exposure to packages like NumPy, SciPy, Pandas, Matplotlib etc in Python or GGPlot2, dplyr, tidyR in R
  • Ability to communicate Model findings to both Technical and Non-Technical stake holders
  • Hands on experience in SQL/Hive or similar programming language
  • Must show past work via GitHub, Kaggle or any other published article
  • Master’s degree in Statistics/Mathematics/Computer Science or any other quant specific field.


Full Job Description

Our team is extremely passionate and works tirelessly to bridge the gap between what blockchain is and what blockchain can be. We strive to maintain an atmosphere that fosters innovation and new ideas through collaboration, research, and deep discussions.

Who you are:

    • Great understanding of blockchain development on the Ethereum Network
    • Experience with solidity and other Web3 related technologies
    • Possess a strong sense of ownership in your work, which drives you to find ways to do things better and faster
    • Always up-to-speed on the latest technologies
    • Constantly on the lookout for new and innovative ways to solve complex problems through rigorous experimentation
    • Your communication style is open, transparent, and direct, and you consistently work in tight collaboration with your teammates
    • Always open to feedback, new ideas, and opportunities for self-improvement
    • You look for ways to help out beyond the scope of your day-to-day work


What you’ve done:

    • Have dabbled in, educated yourself on, or are experienced working on blockchain technology
    • Eager to bring cutting-edge research to the real world and help build a platform for the next generation of cryptocurrency applications
    • Security-minded and always keeping an eye out for potential threats and vulnerabilities in your code
    • Mastered CS fundamentals, either in a formal university program or through self-learning
We understand it takes a diverse team of highly intelligent, passionate, curious, and creative people to solve the challenges involved in developing and improving RODO Token. Our dynamic team has incredible perspectives to share, just as we know you do. We take great pride in being an equal opportunity workplace.

To request an accommodation for purposes of participating in the hiring process, you may contact us at: