Investor protection:

We as a Rodopa Capital team, are greeting the upcoming crypto regulations, because for us the investors and their safety is on first place and with highest priority.

Inside protection: 40% of all of the RODO tokens will be locked permanently in the DEX liquidity pools, granting stable liquidity and preventing the market from flash crashes, liquidity gaps, market manipulations and rug pool events.

Outside protection: Rodopa Capital and all company activities will be audited from independent auditors, and the reports will be published to the public in our website

Liability insurance: For additional safeties, Rodopa Capital will invest in investor protection insurance combines directors’ and officers’ liability insurance, professional indemnity (errors and omissions) and crime cover for investment funds and investment managers


For us, transparency is everything for the good working business and we will do the best for having the most transparent token in the space.

We will publish all of the info for the company activities publicly. All of our trades will be reported at the end of every audit period.

We will publish all of the reports for the permanently locked RODO tokens and their collateral at the end of every audit period.

RODO investors will have access to all of the activities of RODO AIS, with every trade included.

In the official token website:, will be published for free live onchain data with the most popular metrics and charts, for better token analysis

We will integrate voting system in the smart contract and when there is important decision for the future of the token, the needed positive votes will be at least 60%

The RODO token community will have full access to Rodopa Capital’s future investments and balance sheets.

Important addresses:


  • rodotoken.eth:  0x0C46C3a7E0dbBC72038e072458E19ae83C1B440b   The owner of the RODO token. Here you can see all of the minting and burning events. This is our main address, and from here we are making the payments to our third-party partners.






Official RODO pools:




Investor Protection Blacklists: